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The poisoned apple – visual story by Celine & Rianne

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For this assignment we had to make a photostory. I teamed up with Celine and we made the plan to give the story a fairy tale idea, by using renowned fairytale aspects. The fairytale atmosphere gets stimulated by the colourfull pictures and the storytelling. We photoshopped a lot to make it look more ‘unreal’ . The idea behind the story is temptation. We used Adam and Eva’s apple as a symbol to make clear that life has temptations we have to resist.  These temptations, such as drugs, alcohol and heavy partying, are a social problem at the moment, that is why we choose to use this as a theme.




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the-computer-demands-a-blogAfter giving my opinion about Twitter, i thought it would be a good idea to write about something i actually like; blogging! Why do I like it? It is a good way to express anything you like to write about. People who like to say something about a certain subject write their own story and publish it. Everyone has  their idea’s or feelings about some subjects, and the blogosphere  shows us that a lot of people want to express those idea’s. You put your own creativity in a blog, publish it and people can comment. Blogging makes publishing possible for everyone, not just for proffesionals.

 The Blogosphere implies that blogs exist together as one social network. Within the blogosphere you can find all kinds of community’s. Whether you like fashion, music or plants, for everything is a blog. If you would like to know a bit more about your interest or hobbys, you just google and within seconds you find a blog about the subject.

The positive thing about blogging is that it is fast, almost faster then news. There are bloggers everywhere, so when something happens, someone often writes about it.

 You can blog as in publish, but you can also blog as in read other blogs. And that is what i like to do. I like to listen to minimal & techno music, this is not as easy to find as for example pop music. But the blogosphere helps me find great information about this type of music, about the dj’s and i can find downloads, all this in one blog. The blogosphere is huge, so if one blog does not have what i want, another blog probably does!

Journalists, photographers, writers and fashionstylists often have blogs to show the world what they got, and in this way they have the opportunity to get some feedback by commenting on eachother. Even politics have their own blogs to spread their word, so the world is up to date with certain political idea’s and plans.  

 Stay up to date, read about your interests, look for talent, spread your word, whatever you want. Blogging, what’s not to like?

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you tweet, we tweet, i (don’t) tweet

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Twitter, almost everyone who is an internet user knows what i’m talking about. You are a twitter user, or you are familiar with the concept. For who is not, a short wikipedia explenation: Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read short messages known as ‘tweets’.

On your Twitter account you  give an answer to the question “what are you doing”. Ofcourse the twitter users want to know about the lifes of the ones they are following. But i wonder if this is one step too much in the internet development. Why should we make our lives public in that level? You choose what to tweet and what not to tweet, but while i was exploring Twitter, i have seen many useless tweets, wich gave me the idea that it absolutely is a waste of time. The addictive level of this tool makes people add completely pointless information. Valuable information, like news topics,  get spread aswell, but that is possible in most social networking websites.

 I do think that Twitter will develop in the future, it has been used by a lot of people, including artists and politics, more and more people will start using it. Everyone can follow and be followed. The thing about twitter is, it has been called ‘the SMS of the internet’. My opinion is that websites like these make the computer a bigger part of life than necessary. It wil be negative for our contact in social life, because putting your daily thoughts and actions on Twitter is easy. I do not think Twitter is a hype, because it is valuable fore a lot of people who do not share my opinion. Websites like these are often addictive. And that is why i will probably delete my research account, before i will start waisting my time in the Twitter community!  

Twitter: it’s almost a lifestile


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We are not ‘ just’ networking in our daily life anymore, networking on the internet has become at least as important as networking in real life. This happened because networking on the internet, social networking, shows much more possibilities nowadays. Not only can w

e easily find new friends, partners, jobs and even houses, the internet also shows us how we get to the connection of the certain friend goal, for example a friend.

One of the best known social networking websites is Facebook. Followed by Myspace, Facebook is the most used social networking website in the world. What Hyves is for Holland and what Orkut is for Brasil, is Facebook for the world. The name comes from university, where the facebook

was given to every student in the beginning of the year, so they could recognise the faces of other students. The concept of facebook also has been found by a student, Mark zuckerberg, and his student friends.

Facebook is a website where people all over the world can keep in touch with each other. It is especially useful for people who met or want to meet foreigners. But nowadays everyone can use it. Besides international focus, one other reason why facebook is very popular, is the fact that Facebook is multifunctional. It gives the possibility to update personal profiles, to chat with friends, send messages, put pi

ctures online and give feedback on each others pictures and stories. You can join every network you want, such as city

, school and home town. You also get the opportunity to play games and take several funny or scientific tests.

There still are new options being added to the website and this will continue during the development of the internet. This will make Facebook even more popular, because people will never get bored, play a game while photo’s are being uploaded, update your profile while chatting to a friend, it is easy, usefull and, most important, entertaining!


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About Rianne

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My name is Rianne, i’m 20 years old and i live in utrecht. I go back to my hometown Breda very often, because i’ve got some funky people living there, like my parents and  friends. Every saturday i clean houses to earn some money. In my spare time i like to go to parties, so when i’m done cleaning i jump in the shower to get ready for a good night out, where i usually immediatly spend the money i earned earlyer that day! I like to do a lot of shopping, but because of my money situation, this is a very rare activity for me. My next hobby would be a sport, but i dont know wich one yet..maybe yoga?

I am a 1st year student International Communication and Media. I chose this because it is creative, broad and gives me the opportunity to do an internship abroad. I have done some serious travelling the past year. I worked in a hostel in Bolivia, i have been in spanish school in Argentina and i have seen some huge desserds in Chile. It has been the time of my life, and travelling is important to me. I hope i can do an internship in a pretty and adventourus environment once. I don’t know what i want to become after this course and ICM gives me many different options.

For the course  Webskilss we had to start our own blog. You can expect my assignments here in the following weeks, feel free to read it, or feel free not to!


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