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Posted in Uncategorized by Rianne Sophie on September 14, 2009


We are not ‘ just’ networking in our daily life anymore, networking on the internet has become at least as important as networking in real life. This happened because networking on the internet, social networking, shows much more possibilities nowadays. Not only can w

e easily find new friends, partners, jobs and even houses, the internet also shows us how we get to the connection of the certain friend goal, for example a friend.

One of the best known social networking websites is Facebook. Followed by Myspace, Facebook is the most used social networking website in the world. What Hyves is for Holland and what Orkut is for Brasil, is Facebook for the world. The name comes from university, where the facebook

was given to every student in the beginning of the year, so they could recognise the faces of other students. The concept of facebook also has been found by a student, Mark zuckerberg, and his student friends.

Facebook is a website where people all over the world can keep in touch with each other. It is especially useful for people who met or want to meet foreigners. But nowadays everyone can use it. Besides international focus, one other reason why facebook is very popular, is the fact that Facebook is multifunctional. It gives the possibility to update personal profiles, to chat with friends, send messages, put pi

ctures online and give feedback on each others pictures and stories. You can join every network you want, such as city

, school and home town. You also get the opportunity to play games and take several funny or scientific tests.

There still are new options being added to the website and this will continue during the development of the internet. This will make Facebook even more popular, because people will never get bored, play a game while photo’s are being uploaded, update your profile while chatting to a friend, it is easy, usefull and, most important, entertaining!


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