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you tweet, we tweet, i (don’t) tweet

Posted in Uncategorized by Rianne Sophie on September 15, 2009

Twitter, almost everyone who is an internet user knows what i’m talking about. You are a twitter user, or you are familiar with the concept. For who is not, a short wikipedia explenation: Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read short messages known as ‘tweets’.

On your Twitter account you  give an answer to the question “what are you doing”. Ofcourse the twitter users want to know about the lifes of the ones they are following. But i wonder if this is one step too much in the internet development. Why should we make our lives public in that level? You choose what to tweet and what not to tweet, but while i was exploring Twitter, i have seen many useless tweets, wich gave me the idea that it absolutely is a waste of time. The addictive level of this tool makes people add completely pointless information. Valuable information, like news topics,  get spread aswell, but that is possible in most social networking websites.

 I do think that Twitter will develop in the future, it has been used by a lot of people, including artists and politics, more and more people will start using it. Everyone can follow and be followed. The thing about twitter is, it has been called ‘the SMS of the internet’. My opinion is that websites like these make the computer a bigger part of life than necessary. It wil be negative for our contact in social life, because putting your daily thoughts and actions on Twitter is easy. I do not think Twitter is a hype, because it is valuable fore a lot of people who do not share my opinion. Websites like these are often addictive. And that is why i will probably delete my research account, before i will start waisting my time in the Twitter community!  

Twitter: it’s almost a lifestile


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